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12/03/13 07:01 PM (9 years ago)

A word of warning or Apple just being Apple

So I've developed an app for potentially the biggest client I've ever had. Published the app to the app store and a week later get this little gem: -------- "To be appropriate for the App Store, your app must be published under a Seller name and Artist name that reflects the **** customer name redacted **** brand, as required by the iOS Developer Program License Agreement. Section 1.2: "You" and "Your" means and refers to the person(s) or legal entity (whether the company, organization, educational institution, or governmental agency, instrumentality, or department) using the Apple Software or otherwise exercising rights under this Agreement. For the sake of clarity, You may authorize contractors to develop Applications on Your behalf, but any such Applications must be submitted under Your developer account. If you have published these apps on behalf of a client, it would be appropriate for your client to enroll in the iOS Developer Program, then add you to their development team so you can develop an app for them to submit under their developer account." ----------- So after going to the resolution center and explaining the inconsistency of their stance, the fact that most of the 18 apps I have on the store were developed in exactly this way, that I would change the meta data to nearly match every other app I have on the market, etc.... Their second robotic response: "If you have published these apps on behalf of a client, it would be appropriate for your client to enroll in the iOS Developer Program, then add you to their development team so you can develop an app for them to submit under their developer account." So we now have begun the process to get my client a developer account, which is no small feat for an institutional account. We are already 7 days late to the store, and no telling how much later for Apple to "Review" the application then "Review" the app again. I've of course resubmitted the app to the store with slightly modified meta data and name hoping to just get a different reviewer to approve it. Makes me want to cancel my developer account; like Apple would give a rat's ass. Obviously not. Tim
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12/03/13 07:50 PM (9 years ago)
my suggestion for your next response - "hey Apple, nobody reads your ridiculous 50 page iOS Developer Program License Agreement. Why would I bother reading it when most of your review team clearly hasn't read it either"
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12/03/13 07:56 PM (9 years ago)
Wolf, no need for you to wait for them to approve the app after you get their account up, simply transfer your app over to the new account. Apple is being Apple. Best of luck. David https://buzztouchmods.com/market
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12/03/13 09:55 PM (9 years ago)
@Wolf, To clarify the apps in your portfolio on the App Store all need their own developer accounts for your clients that you developed apps for? Question is my twin brother published an App via mobincube, he doesnt have an app dev account, in the app store he has his copyright Reyes Consulting Group, and the seller Mobimento Mobile S.L. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worldwide-scouts/id724532305?mt=8 If we use buzztouch self hosted server to allow clients to create their own app, but we submit it with our developer account, are we not able to do what mobincube is doing? Really confusing. Any ideas.
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12/03/13 10:06 PM (9 years ago)
Tim, If you developed an app on behalf of a client, then it really is the best practice for the client to "publish" the app themselves. This is why Apple has given us the ability to have development profiles, and distribution profiles. We can all speculate that Apple just wants another $99 a year from another customer, but in reality there are a lot more reasons behind this policy. Every time I sit down with a new client, I explain this to them, and explain that they will have to fork over the $99 to Apple before we submit. I still handle the technical part of submitting (which is of course a separate line item on the invoice). In the past, companies have cranked out tons of app on behalf of clients (cookie cutter apps). And Apple has been stopping this over the last couple years. Thats why some other app-making solutions have either had to change their model, or disappear. All of this may not make your situation any easier, but I hope it at least helps you understand. -Chris
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12/04/13 05:24 AM (9 years ago)
Agree with Chris, get them a dev accout, add a line item and get some recurring revenue each year. Would never want a client on my dev account. Period.

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