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10/26/18 04:46 PM (2 years ago)

Little Rusty - question re: dragging in plugins.. Project Error There was a problem loading the screen.

You'd think after all the years on BT, it would be like riding a bike.. and - here I am with this error:

Project Error
There was a problem loading the screen. This usually means there is a third party.. yada yada yada.

Two plugins I'm using, not in the core bundle:
Carosel + HTML Pro

This is what I checked when importing the folders (dragging them into the project:
Destination: (checked) Copy items if needed
Added folders: (checked) Create folder references
Add to targets: (checked) name of app

any advice? thanks!
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10/31/18 10:19 PM (2 years ago)
You'd think. But I do the very same thing. Maybe it's age? lol!

From within the BT structure, the UID is very important.

From within the iOS structure, class name is very important.

Make sure your BT_config is calling the right UID. and where your screen is defined, make sure the class names are correct.

If none of this rings a bell, come back with a bit more info and let's get this knocked out. :)


-- Smug
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04/04/19 03:39 PM (1 year ago)
Hi Smug, email me with your contact info please :)

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