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Adnan Basra
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05/05/22 02:50 AM (2 years ago)

My apps have been removed from the App Store

Hi, I created 2 apps using buzztouch 5 years ago. now i received message from apple that Your app, برامجنا التدريبية, app Apple ID: 1067669306, for review within 30 days. We noticed that either you did not submit an updated version of your app or the updated version of your app was not approved. As a result, your app has been removed from the App Store. Your app has not been deleted from your account. To make your app available on the App Store, submit an updated version that follows the latest App Store Review Guidelines. Your app will become available on the App Store if the update is approved. If you submitted an update after the 30 day grace period, please allow time for review. I need help submitting an update for my apps. I search the forum but I could not find any helpful guide. It has been 5 years so I have completely forgotten the xcode and app update submission process. You help will be really appreciated
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05/18/22 08:01 AM (2 years ago)
Is it standard Buzztouch plugins? or do you have custom? If standard Buzztouch, you should just be able to download a new source and then reupload through XCODE

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