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Aspiring developer
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Esher, UK
01/09/17 05:52 AM (7 years ago)

BT 4 Plugins suggestion

With the release of BT 4, all plugins need to be tweaked to work with BT 4 and Plugin authors need to make some edits and re-release their plugins to be compatible. However, it isn't at all clear which plugins in the Plugin Market have ben updated to be BT 4 compatible and I feel perhaps something needs to be done to make this clearer. I was wondering if it would be feasible to add something, maybe a badge, to the listing at https://www.buzztouch.com/plugins/ to indicate that a plugin has been updated to support BT 4?
Smugger than thou...
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Tamuning, GU
01/09/17 07:33 AM (7 years ago)
At the moment, until something 'official' can come down the pipeline, I'd say let's add a line in the read me, similar to the 'versioning' that normally goes in as well... // v1.4 - January 4th 2017 // BTv4 compatible or something similar...? Cheers! -- Smug
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01/09/17 07:44 AM (7 years ago)
or change the name of the plugin to put v4.0 at the end? but i like the thought of us knowing which have been 'updated/fixed'
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01/12/17 09:26 PM (7 years ago)
@Alanmac, You are correct is saying it should be easy to identify what plugins are up to date with the most recent release. As in what plugins have been supported and also showing what bug have been reported recently etc etc. It will be clear in the future if a plugin is current. Regards Kristen
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01/13/17 05:15 AM (7 years ago)
Hey there, I am back on Buzztouch after a year, feel somehow rusty... Just to quick line to add that it would be cool to know as well if a plugin is compatible to the latest OS. e.g. BT 4 compatible ≠ IOS 10 comnpatble Some developers indicate it but it probably should be compulsory me think. :) Happy New Year to all! Thanks, Farcat

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