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Hi BT community, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help with. 1) is there a limit to the amount of screens you can use? 2)is there away of tidying up the screens page, I want to use a lot of them in my app and don't want to have to search through them all to edit them in the future Thanks for your help
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01/30/15 06:12 PM (8 years ago)
Hi Craigaj, I don't there is a limit. Several people have apps with 300+ screens in them. No way of tidying up the screens is what it is. You can sort them in various fashions, but there's not a lot of leeway in it. Mark
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01/31/15 12:10 AM (8 years ago)
If a large percentage of your screens are generic data: Take a look at Angry Ninja's Instant App Database Plugin, It stores page data online and displays it using just a few generic layed out screens within the App. Disadvantage is you need online access and is iOS only. Alternatively for andoid, you could set up mysql database online and php calls through the HTML plugins to retrieve and show screens. Once again limited to online access. What would be good though (especially for Android) is for someone to use this info to create a plugin similar to Angry Ninja's! Data could be set up on-line as csv, MySQL or whatever, when the app opens the first time it would download the data and store in devices sql so it is available offline!

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