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buzztouch plugin: Instant Database App
Version: v1.2
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Connects to a CSV database of your choice (samples included) and displays all data in the screens. It’s an instant app in a box, featuring mapping, youtube, image viewer, reviews, ratings, voting, featured, and more!
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Pointer0z2000tv | 07/24/15 (v1.2)
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Nice plugin. Learning curve is steep but good instructions an a plus. I have not released the app yet but I think maintaining the reviews is going to be a issue. The plugin still does NOT write to csv on server. Developer has not responded yet to...
More Information
Instant Database App is truly that… an entire app in a single plugin. It connects to any CSV database and displays the information in a variety of labels, photos, videos, map pins, and so many other things. Records of the database that you point it to can be used for anything. Sample databases are included so you may use them as a template.

This plugin truly is a game changer, as it’s the first and only plugin that can connect to online databases and display your data however you want to.

It’s perfect for those wanting to create a restaurant locater, travel app, or any other app that is based on of thousands of records that can’t be hand entered. Instant Database App takes all of these records, sorts them, and displays them in whichever way you want, since the drag and drop objects on all of the XIB’s are fully movable and editable.

Built in features include:

- Map thousands of locations at once! No longer are you limited to 3 pins, 10 pins or any other amount. Our built in CSV powered map allows for unlimited pins displayed at once! Show a few, or thousands… it’s up to you.

- Built in user reviews allow your users to leave a full review with what they thought about the location. They can even attach a photo with their review if they like! Want to read the next review? Swipable review reading makes it easy for your users to navigate through the reviews for that location.

- Star Rating System allows your users to rate the location based on a visual 5-star scale, and reviews are averaged from all the reviewers of that location, showing a graphical representation of the star average.

- Complete photo image gallery allows you to display an unlimited amount of photos, or have the users upload their own! Double tap the image to have it automatically rotate to landscape mode and stretch full screen.

- Full youtube integration lets you simply add a youtube video link to the locations record in your CSV database file, and the plugin handles the heavy work of instantly displaying it in the apps screen. Paste one link and you’re done! No more adding an entire control panel screen for each video.

- CSV database fields can be anything you want, but we’ve included samples that by default display the locations name, street address, city, state, phone number, latitude, longitude, item number, youtube video, photos, customer reviews and star ratings… all tied into every location! Your CSV database that you point to can use comma delimited files, or any other delimiter that you want to use. Want fields other than the ones included? No problem, it’s easy to add more or delete the ones that you don’t want to use.

- Smart display buttons. What is a smart display button? If the location has photos, the photos button appears on the screen. If it does not, there is no button. Same with youtube videos… do one of your locations not have videos yet? Why show the button to an app user if it’s not going to go anywhere? If there is no video link for the location, no video button is shown.

- Overhead satellite view for each location. This automatically shows the location at street level… you can almost read license plates on the cars in the parking lot, lol. Well, not quite… but close! Instantly shown at the tap of a button.

- Easy to make it your own… simply add your logo to the header areas, and put whatever background and text you want. Everything is fully editable and drag and drop!

- Each location has a feature for your user to check off if they have visited or not, and the app keeps track of all the places your user has visited.

This is not some converted piece of open source either. I personally paid to have this original code developed in India several years ago to use in 3 different full production apps that are currently in the app store, at a cost of over $3,000 for the original Xcode project. The apps of mine using this code if you want to see what it does is “TV Trips - Diners Drive-Ins & Dives Edition”, “Strip Clubs”, and “Ghost Hunter”. I originally signed up for Buzztouch so that I could recreate these apps using easier to program plugins, but found that nothing existed for connecting to online CSV files to display thousands of records. Finally… I was able to convert my entire private CSV retrieving code into Buzztouch Plugin format, and was able to include all the bells and whistles that came along with it. It truly is an entire app in a box! You can create one Instant Database App screen, set it as your home screen, and have an entire app with tons of screens and functions, with just a couple of clicks! Or… for those really packing in the features, use it as an add-on to your existing app, and blow away your customers with the sheer volume of content!

There are a few files to upload to your server, but full instructions are included along with the required scripts and sample databases. Minor knowledge of single line editing of a php file and changing the file permissions (CHMOD) is required, but guidance is provided in the document that comes with it, plus I’m always here to answer your questions.

People have been asking for a plugin to connect and display thousands of records from an online database for years now… and finally… it’s here. Truly a one of a kind game changer that brings the Buzztouch platform to a whole new level. Just check out the screenshots for a small percentage of the features available.

Product Demonstration Video:

Version History:
Version 1.1 - Fixed issue where the reviews and ratings would not save to the database on some hosting companies. Changed the method on how this works, and added safeguards to prevent your database from being spammed or automatically posting inappropriate pictures without your knowledge.

Version 1.0 - Public release.

Originating Source Code:
Private source code made specifically for me that cost over $3,000 to originally develop for 3 other apps that are currently in the app store, now converted into a nice shiny Buzztouch Plugin. No open source base code used here! 100% custom.

iOS Project
Too many files to include here. over 100 assorted .h, .m .xib and .png files, not counting the online scripts and database files that come with it. This is larger than most full apps, and more features as well, however, it’s only a 3mb project when downloaded. Size was a consideration during design. Also includes separate files for 3.5” and 4” screens, so you can display different things on smaller or larger devices, instead of trying to get something to stretch to fit. This is a one stop shop to build an instant app.

Android Project
iOS (iPhone) Only

Extra Files
Make sure you unzip the zipped file of required additional files, it also contains your instruction documents, web scripts, and sample database files.