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07/19/13 10:14 PM (11 years ago)

User adding or removing data

I am working on an app in which users of the app will provide phone numbers. However, the names and phone numbers will be changing from week to week and I need a way for users to be able to simply login and change the name and phone number. What method would be best for going about this? What specific screen should I use to accomplish this task? Below is an example of what I am talking about if the above explanation wasn't good enough: Let's say a user has logged into the app and wishes to add information. I want them to be able to click an "add" button and be able to enter a name and phone number. Then if they wish to add another person they simply click "add" again. I also want the user to be able to delete items from the list. Thanks.
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07/20/13 12:13 AM (11 years ago)
I've not used it before but would the contact card plugin do the job?
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07/20/13 06:24 AM (11 years ago)
You'll need to create a custom screen/plugin to do this. If you want me to create something for you, send me a pm with some more details and I'll be happy to give you a quote. Otherwise, begin reading up on how to build lists using a UITableView.
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07/20/13 08:53 AM (11 years ago)
Hi @hbranum, Sounds like a contact card can do this easily, unless I am misunderstanding this. LA

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