About Buzztouch

Buzztouch is an open source "app engine" that powers tens of thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Buzztouch is used in conjunction with the iOS and Android software developer kits (SDK's).

The Buzztouch Core serves as the foundation for any mobile project. This well tested and extendable project saves developers time and increases the quality of their mobile apps. All source files included in project downloads are delivered in plain text for maximum hack-ability.

The Buzztouch Control Panel is open source web based software that is used to administer mobile apps running the Buzztouch Core. The Buzztouch Control Panel helps developers create mobile applications ("apps") and manage dynamic content within existing apps. The easy to use interface is accessed at buzztouch.com or in a self-hosted environment.

Buzztouch is a Membership site but all are welcome. Newly registered users are Guests but many find that becoming a Buzztouch Member is the best way to take full advantage of the software, the community, and the credibility that comes with being an official member. Buzztouch is used by more than 200,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Monterey California.

Background Information

Buzztouch was founded in 2009 by David Book while enrolled in the Information Technology and Communication Design bachelor degree program at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB). David's submission of Buzztouch won the universities Outstanding Integrated Capstone Award. David was already a veteran software developer and database engineer, and was returning to school to pursue a design degree. He and his longtime business partner Stephen Mercurio introduced Buzztouch to the public later that year.


Members of the Buzztouch community spend lots of time helping each other, helping newcomers, and helping us. We appreciate this a great deal. If you're interested in getting involved and want to help Buzztouch in a more meaningful way, don't hesitate to contact us. We are especially thankful to the Buzztouch Top 25 and look forward to seeing your name in the forums, at an event, or better yet... in the App Store or Google Play Market.

David Book Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
David lives in Pacific Grove CA (on the Monterey Peninsula) with his wife and two teenagers, obsesses over code, and loves meeting new Buzztouch members. In his spare time he enjoys sailing, sports, and Netflix.
Stephen Mercurio Accounts, Memberships
Stephen lives in Monterey CA with his wife, faithful dog and demanding cat. He has three grown children and two adorable grand daughters. Stephen loves cooking for his large extended Italian family, following the San Francisco Giants, and traveling with his lovely wife.
Chris Robbins Product, Strategy, Planning
Chris lives in Fredericksburg, VA with his wife and two daughters. He started using Buzztouch in early 2011, and has developed many iOS apps for both clients and himself. Besides developing, he enjoys swimming and playing music.
Ian Ritter Registration Process, New User Experience
Ian lives in Palms Springs Ca. with his wife and two crazy chihuahuas. When not working on Buzztouch he also enjoys playing piano, fixing cars, and watching sci-fi. Always patient and eager to help members, Ian looks forward to meeting you!
Susan Metoxen Developer Relations, Strategic Projects
Susan Metoxen lives in Hopkins, MN, with her husband, two Corgis, and a cat. She lives for the thrill that comes when her programs successfully run. When not making Android and iOS apps, she plays bass guitar, rides her bicycle, and listens to audiobooks.
Warren Evans Meetups, Events, Webinars
Warren lives in Effingham, Illinois (the "Heart of America") with Linda (the girlfriend), Max (the dog), and Ruby (the cat). He has four children and two grandsons (along with Linda's two daughters and four grandkids). Warren is very community oriented, loves to tool around in his Mini Cooper S, and on most warm weather weekends can be found at Coles County Dragway announcing drag races.
Tony Kristo Partner Relations
Tony lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. Tony enjoys solving problems and loves to meet new people. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, baseball, watching movies, and is a die-hard NASCAR fan!
Trish Dever Public Relations & Communications
Trish Dever is a Public Relations professional and digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of industry experience. She enjoys yoga, restaurant hopping and lively discussions. She also spends time with her dog Cooper, Itsy the cat, Barney the parrot and the Scotsman she married.
Danny Kessels Self Hosted Software
Danny Lives in Heerlen, a mid-sized city in the Netherlands, with his beloved wife and son. Danny became totally addicted to Buzztouch in 2011 and has made significant contributions to the community since then, including some of the most popular plugins. Danny's motto is "only perfect is good enough". Besides creating plugins, making cool Buzztouch modifications, and regularly helping Buzztouch Members, Danny also runs his own business. Danny enjoys the holidays with his family and likes to have dinner with friends in nice restaurants.
Chris Ruddell Developer Portal
Chris lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Crystal, son Liam, and dog Sophie. When not creating Buzztouch plugins or working as a church Accountant, Chris loves to read books, spend time with his family, and explore Colorful Colorado.