Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buzztouch? Buzztouch is web-based software that helps folks design and create mobile apps. All kinds of people visit this site and use our tools and resources. Web-developers that create native mobile apps for their clients, businesses that create apps suitable for business use, aspiring programmers that are interested in seeing how the code "works", and thousands of other folks interested in managing content in a mobile device. More about our history

What does Buzztouch do?. We provide tools that help people make mobile apps and manage content in those apps. The source code that you download for each of your applications is released under an open-source license. This means the code associated with your app is yours to keep. We do not take any "ownership" of your projects.

Can you compile my application for me? Yes, send us an email through our our contact information and we can compile and submit your app to your developer account for a fee.

How do I build my own app? To build your own app, register for a free account, login, then click "+ Create App" from your control panel, then follow the onscreen instructions.

What phones will an app I create Buzztouch run on? Your application will run iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.

Are apps I create using Buzztouch native apps (installed) or web-apps (browser based)? Apps built with Buzztouch are native apps installed on devices as native software. Our core app package is 100% native, not utilizing any frameworks such as Iconic or React (those are great too, but offer a lower quality user experience).

How do I test my application? Download the source code for your app from your control panel, compile it with Xcode (iOS) or Android Studio then run it on a simulator or your device.

How can I get Xcode or Eclipse? Download Xcode and the iOS SDK here. Xcode will not run on anything other than a Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon). Download Android Studio and the Android SDK here. Android Studio is available for Mac or PC.

Why do I need to compile the source code? Compiling is necessary before anything can be installed on a device or distributed in an App Store or Market. Explaining what compiling means and how it works is beyond the scope of these FAQ's. But, it's important to understand that all native mobile apps (installable apps) need to be compiled and our tools do not do this for you.

Do I need programming skills to build my own app? The best Buzztouch apps are created by folks that have a basic understanding of technology and the internet. But, no special knowledge is required and you don't have to be a programmer. The more creative mo-jo you have, the better.

Do I need to download and install any software? Normally, yes (many folks already have it). In order to compile the source code for your application, you will need Xcode and the iOS SDK (Apple) or Android Studio and the Android SDK to do this - these are both free downloads. Many site-visitors ask their web-masters or other "techie friends" to do this for them.

Can I make changes to my app after it's compiled? Yes, your online control panel allows you to make real-time, instant changes to your app - even after it's compiled and in use. End users will see changes the next time the app is launched on their device. (Note: You cannot change the icon associated with your app, the one that shows on device home screens, without re-compiling the app then re-distributing it).

Can you submit my app to the Android Market? Nope. Google's Android Market is an "open" platform and allows for easy application distribution. For this reason, we think you should do it. You could always ask your web-master or other tech-centric friend to help. It's not that difficult, it really isn't.

Can you submit my app to the iTunes App Store? Nope. We encourage you to submit your iPhone app to Apple yourself, or, hire a developer to do it for you. We strongly recommend that you maintain control of your iTunes profile, and not let another service hold your app hostage. Other "app-builder" services do offer to submit apps on your behalf. We understand that a full-service, managed approach is OK for some, but do want to make sure you understand what you're agreeing to.

Can I sell an app I create using Buzztouch? Sure. Download the source code, compile it, sell the heck out of it! The project source is licensed under a GNU, General Public License. The software is Open Source. As long as you follow the provisions outlined in the license text, you can do whatever you want with your project.

Will my app require an internet connection? Not always, but usually. There are some features that require an internet connection but your app will launch and be available in a limited capacity outside of WiFi or 4G/5G network coverage.

How do I contact you? Our contact information is listed here

Can I include advertising in my app? Sure. Lots of app owners do this and we encourage you to explore advertising and other revenue-earning opportunities associated with your mobile software. We do not take any "cuts" or "profits" from your software - it's yours - really.