how it works

1) Create an application

Start experimenting by creating an app using BtCentral at Don't worry about the details yet, just name your app then "Save."

2) Organize ideas into individual screens

Continue using BtCentral to eplore and organize individual screens and menus. This involves selecting and configuring plugins. Again, don't worry about the details yet.

3) Download your project's source code

When you're done experimenting with some plugins, use BtCentral to prepare your application's source code for download.

4) Open the downloaded project

Use Xcode for iOS or Eclipse for Android to open the project after you download it to your computer. These are free software packages provided by Apple and Google.

5) Compile the source code

This is done using Xcode (iOS) or Eclipse (Android) and identifies you as the developer, it's your creation after all. The result is a native app. Probably a simple app, no worries, you're just getting started.

6) Launch the app

Launch the app in the iOS simulator, the Android Emulator, or an actual device. Tinker with some settings BtCentral to see the results of your changes on the device.

7) Continue learning, make something worthwhile

For most new developers, creating something interesting and useful gets challenging. This is OK, anything worth making should be challenging, right? Join some discussions in the forums, or explore some source code, it's all part of the game.


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