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Membership FAQ's

Is there a recurring fee?: No. We think it's better to remind you to renew next year than it is to suprise you with automatic charges - nobody likes that.
* Unlimited Apps?: Members can create up to 50 hosted apps. OR, if you self host the Buzztouch software you can create as many apps as you want. But, we do limit the number of times you can "download the source code" for your projects using the Buzztouch API. This limit is 100 per month. If you need more than that, contact us to work out a solution.
Is there a Push Notification limit?: No but there may be at some point. We're doing our best to support Buzztouch Members and have not had to implement any limitations on our Push Notification servers to this point. We hope not too.
What forms of payment do you take?: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
What happens if I don't renew my membership next year?: a) Your account will be changed to our "Guest" account type. b) If you're using our backend to host any apps, you'll need to remove all but three of them before cancelling c) Apps that you're self hosting will continue to work because they don't rely on the Buzztouch backend. You will not be able to create any new apps.
Do you offer customer support?: Yes. But, we do not offer technical support. Making apps is complicated and it's not possible for us to help with complex programming problems. However, we do participate on the Buzztouch Forums along with all the members of our community. We encourage you to post questions there.