A Buzztouch subscription is $15.00 / month

It's a simple idea, Buzztouch wouldn't exist if it were not for our supportive paying subscribers. We have a long wish list and look forward to bringing our valued subscribers bigger and better solutions but cannot do this without there continued support.

Subscriber benefits...

  • Unlimited Apps: Create as many as you want.
  • Plugins: Buy / Sell in the Buzztouch Plugin market.
  • Hosting: Host app data on the Buzztouch backend.
  • Self-Hosted: Download the BtCentral self-hosted package and run it on your own site.
  • Webinars / Hangouts: Invitations to online webinars and in-person Buzztouch get togethers.
  • Forum Access: Get help, find partners, share solutions in the BT forums.
How long is the FREE TRIAL?: 30 days. We hope this is long enough for you to experience the goodness.
Is there a recurring fee for a subscription?: Yes. A recurring monthly (or annual) fee is required to be a Buzztouch Subscriber.
Unlimited Apps?: Subscribers can create up to 50 hosted apps initially. This can be increased as needed. FREE TRIAL accounts can only create one app.
Will my apps continue to work if I don't subscribe?: Maybe. You're in control of your app and you decide where it's content comes from. If you use the Buzztouch backend to host your apps content, and let your subscription expire (free trial or otherwise), your apps will no longer work.
What forms of payment do you take?: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
What happens if I don't maintain my subscription?: a) You'll need to find a different app making solution. b) Your account will be removed and all data associated with it will be removed. c) You won't be able to create any new apps. d) Apps you created using Buzztouch that do not rely on any data on the Buzztouch backend will continue to work.
Do you offer customer support?: Yes. But, we do not offer technical support. Making apps is complicated and it's not possible for us to help with complex programming problems. However, we do participate on the Buzztouch Forums along with all the subscribers in our community. We encourage you to post questions there.