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App Store Rejections

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App rejected again
by Djdios 9 years ago
views: 497 replies: 22
last Djdios 9 years ago
App rejected: Video playback don't work?
by Djdios 9 years ago
views: 421 replies: 12
last aquila198 9 years ago
app rejected: Json data invalid
by kingelessar 9 years ago
views: 373 replies: 4
last kingelessar 9 years ago
Missing Plugin: The View Controller for this plugi...
by miku 9 years ago
views: 517 replies: 24
last miku 9 years ago
Rejection: scringo sticker pack IAP
by trouty 9 years ago
views: 336 replies: 0
Invalid Binary in itunes
by Kingston 9 years ago
views: 273 replies: 11
last CMCOFFEE 9 years ago
In APP Purchace not working on iOS 7 on iPad
by ThomasSechak 9 years ago
views: 269 replies: 3
last ThomasSechak 9 years ago
App Rejected Due to Deprecated Code in Newer Andro...
by Jaundice101 9 years ago
views: 293 replies: 3
last Jaundice101 9 years ago
Mobile Site (DNN) wrapped into an App?
by tpratt85 9 years ago
views: 1510 replies: 3
last tpratt85 9 years ago
2.3: Apps that do not perform as advertised by the...
by Sergey 9 years ago
views: 1078 replies: 9
last Zhan Zhang 8 years ago
We found that your app includes full screen transi...
by ehwright 9 years ago
views: 332 replies: 6
last Niraj Shah 9 years ago
not rejected... some questions
by Caslor 9 years ago
views: 265 replies: 5
last AlanMac 9 years ago
Rejected - Main Page Rounded Corners On My Icons
by autopilot 9 years ago
views: 480 replies: 12
last EdReyes 9 years ago
Weird New rejection PLA 3.3.12
by feraco 9 years ago
views: 684 replies: 13
last MacApple 9 years ago
Rejected by Apple Store....T_T
by Skywalker 9 years ago
views: 306 replies: 13
last Jennyapps 9 years ago
1st iOS app rejected
by Sherry 9 years ago
views: 358 replies: 15
last tb 9 years ago
App Crashed During ReviewRejected
by RogueWave 9 years ago
views: 315 replies: 12
last RogueWave 9 years ago
A word of warning or Apple just being Apple
by WolfTimJ 9 years ago
views: 930 replies: 5
last MacApple 9 years ago
App intended for kids rejected for need of parenta...
by Sandeep 9 years ago
views: 307 replies: 3
last SmugWimp 9 years ago
Paid app without going to App Store
by NicoRacing 9 years ago
views: 291 replies: 5
last NicoRacing 9 years ago
iPhone app accepted, iPad rejected
by Becky 9 years ago
views: 469 replies: 29
last SmugWimp 9 years ago
If you were planning an app about feral dust, forg...
by farcat 9 years ago
views: 293 replies: 2
last farcat 9 years ago
list of android app stores
by CMCOFFEE 10 years ago
views: 263 replies: 1
last Dusko 10 years ago
First App Rejected
by LA 10 years ago
views: 397 replies: 14
last LA 9 years ago
Question on Apple's Guidelines
by Angry Ninja 10 years ago
views: 312 replies: 3
last affinitymc 8 years ago
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