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02/04/17 04:05 PM (7 years ago)

Routing coverage

trying to submit for review and getting this message can not find a spot to enter the locations To configure this app as an iOS routing app, upload a routing app coverage file on the app's Version page in My Apps on iTunes Connect.
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02/04/17 09:09 PM (7 years ago)
It kinda sounds like you've clicked something to let Apple know you're submitting a routing app. If you're not submitting an app that routes, then you may be able to ignore it. Or you may have to uncheck whatever you checked to make it think it's a routing app. Look at this Apple Document: specifically, in the area that concerns "Configuring Your App to Accept Directions Requests" If you're not providing routing directions, leave 'Maps' ON in your capabilities, but uncheck any 'routing' boxes, and see if that helps. Cheers! -- Smug

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