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Earn points by participating in the forums, creating how to's, and learning at buzztouch U™.
More points = more cred. More cred = more help, more dev work (if you want it), and more free stuff from the BT gang.


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About Buzztouch Points and Stars

Points are accumulated by each of us. Points are displayed in our user profiles so other users can get an indication of our level of knowledge and participation. The more we participate, the more we points we earn.

Stars are earned when learning paths are completed at Buzztouch U™. Our profiles show details about each of our learning efforts but it's sometime useful to get a quick glance at another users learning progress. The small stars you see under each of our avatars helps us get a quick look at another users level of understanding.

We do not divulge exactly how the calculations are done when awarding Buzztouch points but can say that earning "likes", participating in forum discussions, learning at Buzztouch U™, attracting followers, and creating and sharing How To's will earn you points.

You can give points but cannot take them away. You cannot reduce another persons Buzztouch points but you can increase another users points by "liking" one of their comments or "following" them.

Moderators can increase (or decrease) points. Our team of moderators does not arbitrarily reduce user points but does keep an eye out for points that seem unfairly earned or artificially high. At their discretion, they may make corrections.