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06/01/14 08:02 PM (9 years ago)

Transparent Image On Top Of Background

I thought I read somewhere, once, that you can have a transparent image overlaid on top of the "backgroundImageNameSmallDevice". e.g. Some print in black letters on a transparent (alpha) background, which then appears on top of the background image. Was that in iOS/Android Apps, or am I thinking of another area of computer programming that I do?
Susan Metoxen
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06/01/14 09:12 PM (9 years ago)
I just added the ability to set the alpha transparency of the header image in Menu with Image and Menu Image Rows. The third screen shot is an example. http://www.buzztouch.com/plugins/plugin.php?pid=F018606BDA6027B90A3ED49
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06/19/14 12:20 AM (9 years ago)
You can also try Spiffy App for iPhone to edit your image in your style. Get it on Apple App store or download through- http://www.appstoredownload.com/portfolio/spiffy

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