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07/31/22 01:00 PM (1 week ago)

Any updated instructions on how to get started with Buzztouch apps with android studio?

I am needing to try and update an old Android App to get it back working on newer android devices. It's been a long time since I last worked with Android and I am in need of some instructions. I've looked in the forum and most of the info seems to be out of date. Does anyone have something more current?
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08/01/22 11:45 PM (1 week ago)
I was looking for the same a while back and got directed to youtube, so nothing offical for buzztouch, and i couldnt get past all the setup issues and errors i was seeing in android studio so gave up. Theres no one left on buzztouch really, only the people that have apps running and dont need to touch them. the forum is pretty much dead so no support available Sticking with iOS which i understand alot more

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