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01/14/16 05:33 AM (6 years ago)

Greetings to all

Hi there ! I'm a long time desktop developer, first time mobile developer attempting to complete my first ios/android app. It looks like Buzztouch should get me there. Fingers crossed :) This is also a thanks in advance to everyone whose posts, comments, tutorials and general conversations that I will be using to learn Buzztouch. It seems that I have plenty out there to use. Cheers, Chris
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01/14/16 07:13 AM (6 years ago)
Welcome to Buzz dude, You have definitely come to the right place, I have been here for couple of years, joined with no app skills whatsoever, and now have 20+ apps in both store, thanks to the guy and gals her. You will not find a more generous, knowledgeable and helpful group, the amount of help here is colossal, Thanks Sean
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01/14/16 09:01 AM (6 years ago)
Hi Chris, Welcome to Buzztouch! I'm very confident that you'll be able to get done what you want to here! Make sure you check out the How-To section...lots of good stuff there. And, if you want to search the forum do a Google search "site:buzztouch.com/forum <query>". You'll find what you're looking for super fast! Also...I have a YouTube channel with some videos that might help: https://www.youtube.com/user/gonorthwest And Sean is right...you will not find a more generous, knowledgeable and helpful group than the people here. They are truly amazing! Mark

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