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Aspiring developer
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10/20/14 03:27 PM (9 years ago)

CodeCamp 2015

Will there be a Code Camp 2015? I think it would be exactly what my developing needs at this point.
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10/20/14 04:32 PM (9 years ago)
I went to CodeCamp 14', so I can definitely vouch that if you ever have the chance to go, do everything in your power to get there - it's life changing. I havent heard anything about a Code Camp 15, but I wouldn't give up hope yet, it's too early for that ;-) Until then check out some other resources like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q48xawqk07fza72/AppResources.pdf (Thanks to CMCoffee) Scroll down and see some learning resources, mostly free. Cheers, David Van Beveren http://btmods.com/chat ^ Chat with other BT members live! http://btmods.com/hire ^ Hire MrDavid for one of his services!
Warren Evans
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10/21/14 06:29 PM (9 years ago)
@yourtownapps - We had an incredibly successful Code Camp 14 in Las Vegas back in April. I'm hopeful we can put another session together, but there is no definitive plan for one at this time. As @MrDavid said, don't give up hope just yet, and keep an eye on these forums, as any announcement will be posted here and on the main account page. Thanks for the interest. Warren

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