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03/15/20 06:54 AM (4 years ago)

Updated plugins?

I am very excited to start updating all of my apps to the new BT core however all of my apps use plugins that didn't make it in to the current version of the plugin market. Any thoughts of bringing some of these back (and maybe some cool new ones)? Here are the ones I would like to see come back: - Notepad - Add to Favorites - Message bar - Menu image rows Thanks Cakebit!! Josh
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03/19/20 10:10 AM (4 years ago)
Hello, I use url links on my apps, and now the ones that use videos don't work. Any ideas. Thank you.
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06/13/20 07:05 AM (4 years ago)
Hi Mutzy, Could you please include the exact name of the plugin, as well as the original plugin author, so that I can locate the exact plugins you are using? The information needed should be available from the list of installed plugins you have in your account: http://www.buzztouch.com/account/plugins.php ---------------------------------------- Hi Gatorcade, I just tested an .mp4 video with the custom URL plugin in BTv4.0.5 (for iOS) and the video played correctly, right out of the webview. Will you test using the latest build and see if your problem is resolved? If not, would you open a new topic in the correct platform category for your issue, so I can track it? Thanks!!

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