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Security of the apps made here

I feel like I am a pretty good web developer, but the apps I make are pure garbage and I cant really get better. That is when I thought about these kind of services.I will make the site and can use these tools to make the app. But while talking to a friend who works at this cyber security company ( www.nci.ca ) I got worried about the security of the apps made. So can anybody help me with this? How is security ensured in the made apps.
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06/22/18 12:28 AM (5 years ago)
Define security. Are you worried that someone will 'hack' your app? Or are you worried about illegal duplication? At times, there have been issues where someone has had their app duplicated, but that's not actually duplication; it's re-creation. Someone made their own version of an app idea. That requires contacting the stores, which have varying degrees of success depending on the situation. But with respect to 'hacking', your code is as safe as any other iOS app (or Android). These are compiled languages, not script languages (which are interpreted at runtime). Once it is compiled, there can be no changes. Someone cannot download your app, add nefarious software, and re-upload it to the stores. It doesn't work like that. With respect to viruses and other malware, keep in mind the platform you develop 'on' is different that the platform that you develop 'for'. Android is Java, Windows is C, Mac is ObjC on MacOS, and iDevices are ObjC on iOS. Windows viruses or malware is useless on Android, or iOS, etc... Of course, I don't do Swift, so any statement I make may or may not apply to Swift. Don't know, don't care. Cheers! -- Smug

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