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Code is Art
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02/29/16 06:28 AM (8 years ago)

Meetup in Northern Europe/Germany/UK?

Hi, would love to hook up with some of you fellow Buzztouch'ers.. I live in Copenhagen and would love to host a meetup, but am also willing to set one up in Hamburg/Berlin/Stockholm etc. if someone local is interested in helping. Anybody interested? I am thinking about meeting up on Friday and spend the evening an informal get-together where we can share experiences etc. Saturday morning could be a social event - Saturday afternoon a lecture etc. and then close of the official part around 17.00. Rest of weekend can be used sightseeing and on informal get together.. Let me know if there is any interest. Regards, Kristian
Apple Fan
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03/02/16 04:42 PM (8 years ago)
Would have been if I was across. Love being in the US but miss the ease of European country travel. Beautiful spot is Copenhagen, my folks just got back.

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