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Adam Villarreal
Code is Art
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Reg: Feb 23, 2016
04/28/16 12:19 AM (7 years ago)

Speed issues with website

We have developed an online store for our shop. But when we try to open the website from our systems, it taking too much time to complete loading. We are using the internet of Acanac Inc. Toronto( http://www.acanac.com/ ). But I don't think this is something related to network connection. Other sites are loading faster. What could be the reason for this? Our site is loading faster from my home connection.
Aspiring developer
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Esher, UK
04/28/16 01:46 PM (7 years ago)
If I understand you correctly, other sites load faster from your work network and your site is ok from home. What makes you think it isn’t networking!? My suggestion is run some traceroute analysis from different locations. Btw, how is this buzztouch related?
Daniel Porter
Code is Art
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Reg: Jun 02, 2016
06/02/16 08:52 PM (7 years ago)
It may be due to some errors with the hosting server. As Alan said you can go for a traceroute analysis.

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