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07/31/17 03:07 AM (6 years ago)

Can't remove Report to Cloud feature. Deleting URL does not help.

I would like to remove the report to cloud feature from my iOS app. I've deleted the URL and then saved the modification, and nothing happens within my app. In my BTConfig file the reportToCloudURL link is missing but my app still updates when I make modifications to my control panel. Any idea how to disable the function entirely? I'm aware of the designlive setting. I would just like to remove it all together. I wonder if the inability to remove the feature by deleting the URL is related to the "auto-refresh" post mentioned by Stobe? http://www.buzztouch.com/forum/thread.php?fid=59E445064FE06AD66996FD2&tid=59E445064FE06AD66996FD2
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07/31/17 09:37 AM (6 years ago)
They may have made changes according to Stobes post... but in the old days you would also need to remove the 'dataURL' for the app as well. Cheers! -- Smug

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