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04/22/12 06:48 PM (10 years ago)

Gallery functions

i've asked this same question here but i realise it may just get lost http://www.buzztouch.com/forum/thread.php?tid=70F1DD80477E7F91509F57C&fid=C0045193FF4AC1617254B99&sortColumn=FT.id&sortUpDown=DESC&currentPage=1 how do i work with images? I need to create a customisable gallery but i just need an idea of where to start
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04/22/12 07:10 PM (10 years ago)
Hi You can use the image gallery on bt 1.5 or if you like you can use an external HTML or PHP script on Custom HTML plugin buzztouch give you alot of options if any thing is not there you always can use Custom HTML plugin search Google about :image gallery script or code and get the code you like and try it with Custom HTML plugin + add all The necessary files to XCODE in tow folder :1=bt_image 2=bt_doc I hope I helped you with your question Have A nice day :)
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05/07/12 09:17 AM (10 years ago)
Is it possible to be able to take a image and it automatically adds it to your gallery?

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