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01/04/16 01:57 PM (8 years ago)

Correct Seft Hosted API URL?

Please let me know which is the correct API URL for self hosted (HTTPS OR HTTP) define("APP_BT_SERVER_API_URL", "https://www.buzztouch.com/api/"); OR define("APP_BT_SERVER_API_URL", "http://www.buzztouch.com/api/"); Buzz Touch was down before the holidays and when it came back up online. My IOS Apps have stopped working. Android Apps work fine. I am getting the following error "There was a problem reading some required data. Try again?" https://jumpshare.com/v/jApBnC42e2eGslV5Iv71 (SCREEN SHOT)
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location unknow...
01/10/16 12:44 PM (8 years ago)
Downloaded again, re-compiled and it worked.

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