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01/11/14 01:38 AM (6 years ago)

Stupid question..But........First screen on app to show a VID..

Hi, i was just wondering...Is there any way to have it so that when the App (iOS) first opens there is a video shown, about 5 sec, and then from there it continues into the main menu??
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01/11/14 02:10 AM (6 years ago)
If you can't find a splash screen that would do that natively, you can probably tap Chris1 for advice; he's done a few splash screen variations…

Keep in mind you'll probably want the video 'in' the app, and not accessed via URL, otherwise the 5 second video might take 10 seconds to load ;)


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01/11/14 04:46 AM (6 years ago)
I would use the Animated Splash Plugin.

Save your 5 second video file to a seqance of .jpg files at a frame rate of about 15 frames per second. Title each image 'image1, image2 and so on. Drop into the BT_Image folder. Total number images would be about 75 images for a 5 sec video if you do it right.

It works very well. Try if you can to keep the file size down for each jpg. Its a long process but worth it.

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