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03/31/16 04:58 AM (6 years ago)

Self-hosted backup errors

I tried to backup my self-hosted database and recieved 2 errors: - Notice: Undefined variable: return in buzzbackup.php on line 40 Line 40 is that: $return.= 'DROP TABLE '.$table.';'; - Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in buzzbackup.php on line 52 Line 52 is: $row[$j] = ereg_replace("","\n",$row[$j]); Please help.
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03/31/16 03:30 PM (6 years ago)
I've never actually used the BT backup... I make a copy of my DB by exporting the data directly from 'phpMyAdmin'. Here is some instructions on using phpMyAdmin if 'Hostgator' is your hosting provider. http://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/technical/exporting-a-mysql-database-via-phpmyadmin Otherwise, do a search, or ask your hosts support team. Good Luck! Cheers! -- Smug

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