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05/31/13 02:13 AM (10 years ago)

AppDF Editor - Submit Android App To All Stores

Has anyone used or come across AppDF files to streamline uploading your Android file to different android appstores? http://www.onepf.org/editor/ I received an email from Opera last week with a request to submit my apps to the Opera appstore and two weeks prior I found this AppDF url from another forum that i'm subscribed. I haven't tried it yet but it looks interesting, easy and much faster than doing it one by one. ps. On a side note, Amazon app approvals are much faster than previous. I have submitted two new apps and both were approved under 24hrs!
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05/31/13 06:21 AM (10 years ago)
This service really looks useful and of course will save a lot of time. Thanks for sharing the link.
Paul Rogers
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05/31/13 12:10 PM (10 years ago)
Interesting. Thanks for the share!

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