Easy In App Purchase

buzztouch plugin: Easy In App Purchase
Version: v4.0
This plugin allows you to keep a screen from end-users that have not gone through Apple's In App Purchase process. End users will only need to purchase access to the protected screen (which may be a menu of other screens) once.
works on iOS iOS
Developer Info
Latest Review
PointerHiggey | 06/20/14 (v2.2)
Not really working. Sorry but I have to leave a less than glowing review. The plugin appears to work reasonably well on an iPhone but it is not working on iPad. There are some threads discussing how to fix the problem and I may try to resolve it...
More Information
First and for most, thank you for purchasing easy iAP! I created this plugin so that BT
users can easily have users purchase iAP content.

Getting Set up
There's only two things that you need to do after installing this plugin in your Xcode

First, since the In App Purchase requires iOS 5 or above, go to Summary -> Deployment Target, and set it to 5.0 or higher.

Second, since iAP requires the built in iOS StoreKit framework, you must follow these steps
if your project does not already include the iAP Framework:

1. In the project navigator, select your project (if your opening your project for the
first time this screen should be what your on)

2. Scroll down to the section "Linked Frameworks and Libraries"

3. Click the '+' button

4. In the search box, type in "StoreKit"

5. There should be only 1 framework, double click it to add it.

And bam, you are done.
NOTE: To test iAP, you have to use a physical device, not the simulator.

NOTE: When testing iAP on your device, you need to first log out of your current App
Store account, create a Test Account in iTC (iTunes Connect), and then login via the
application (NOT through the settings app).

NOTE: Also, it's worth mentioning that the data from your iAP item in iTC (your title
and description of the product) will be used to fill the description and title of
the screen.

v4.0 - Updated by Buzztouch. Updated for Buzztouch 4.0, iOS
V2.2 - Original plugin developed by theMonster