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buzztouch plugin: Slide Table Menu
Version: v1.01
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A nice clean sliding table menu, similar to the Facebook and Sky Sports Football apps. Use instead of a tab bar menu.
works on iOS iOS
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A simple side bar menu similar to Facebook and Sky Sports Football app.
Use this plugin instead of the traditional tab bar app.
The menu has similar customisable properties as the simple menu list.
I have included an animatable Hamburger button to add bit more class to the app.

Here it is in action
Better video coming soon

The plugin has been created after modifying two projects both can be found on Github.

MFSideMenu Updated to be compatible with Buzztouch and fixing several bugs
LBHamburgerButton For a nice animated button.

1. Create a screen using the plugin.
2. Add menu items as per any other menu plugin.
3. Set a home screen, in the List Layout section. This is the first view displayed.
4. Customise as desired.
5. Set this plugin as the Home Screen and in the Non-Tabbed Layout section.
6. Build and run.

You will now have a menu that you can drag open.

To add the animated burger button.
1. Open BT_viewController.m
2. With the other imports at the top, add #import "AK_SlideMenu.h"
3. At the end of the viewDidLoad method line 65ish add
[self.navigationItem setLeftBarButtonItem:[AK_SlideMenu hamburgerBarButtonItem]];
4. At the end of the viewWillAppear method line 84ish add
[AK_SlideMenu closeHamburger];
5. Deep in the depth of configureNavBar method line 232ish underneath
     //make sure iOS7 shows the built in back button...
[self.navigationItem setHidesBackButton:FALSE];
self.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem = nil;
That last line hides the hamburger when you go deep into navigation, you can still swipe the navbar to go back to the side menu. A lot of other apps follow this protocol.

6. That’s it

You may also wonder where the refresh button has gone. It doesn’t look too good with eth hamburger button, so to refresh app, pull the side menu down.

iOS Project
AK_SlideMenu.h AK_SlideMenu.m AK_SlideMenu.xib BTViewController+MFSideMenuAdditions.h BTViewController+MFSideMenuAdditions.m LBHamburgerButton.h LBHamburgerButton.m MFSideMenu.h MFSideMenuContainerViewController.h MFSideMenuContainerViewController.m MFSideMenuShadow.h MFSideMenuShadow.m

Android Project

"itemId": "9E94C30E04F51D9CE9884C0",
"itemType": "AK_SlideMenu",
"itemNickname": "Side Menu",
"homeScreenNickname": "Blank 1",
"homeScreenId": "8A8CAE4FEA3100896A706BF",
"listRowBackgroundColor": "clear",
"listTitleFontColor": "#FFFFFF",
"listRowSeparatorColor": "clear",
"listRowHeightSmallDevice": "80",
"backgroundImageNameSmallDevice": "stars.jpg",
"backgroundImageScale": "fullScreenPreserve"