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buzztouch plugin: Blank Screen
Version: v1.5
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The idea behind this plugin is that you can use it to quickly create new screens with a navigation bar and a background image. This is useful for prototyping. You can also copy this plugin then use it as a basis to create a new plugin.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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Pointerfusionsch | 04/26/13 (v1.4)
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Useful plugin, but not only for prototyping: I use it for real screens with short texts. Instead of using the 'Custom HTML / Text' for this kind of short-text screens, I type the text in background images, one fit for iPhone, one fit for iPad. It bri...
More Information
This displays a blank screen with a navigation bar and an optional background image. The purpose of this plugin
is to help you quickly prototype design ideas. It's sometimes easier to create a series of screens containing only
a navigation bar title and background image then wire them up to test the layout and effect of your design.

You can also use this plugin as the basis for an entirely new plugin. When creating new plugins it's not
always a good idea to start by copying a complicated screen. This simple blank-canvas is useful in cases where you
want to start from scratch.

iOS Project
1 Objective-C class (a total of 2 files) are needed.
BT_screen_blank.m and .h

BT_screen_blank.m is a UIViewController with no controls.

Android Project
1 .java class file is needed and 1 layout xml file is needed (a total of 2 files)
screen_blank.xml is an Android Activity with only the required java code to make it function.
The layout for this plugin is setup in the screen_blank.xml file in the /res/layout

Version History

v1.3     11/10/2012
          Minor syntax changes to accomodate for Xcode 4.5 compiler warnings.
          Minor changes in .java files to accomodate for Anroid (Google) 2.2 API's compiler warnings.
          Minor UI changes in .php files for control panel.

v1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (historical versions, no change details)


The online control panel is used to configure the JSON data for this plugin but it's useful to
see what it may look like.

     "navBarTitleText":"My blank screen"