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buzztouch plugin: Advanced Search
Version: v4.0
Search screens in your app, including their content!
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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Latest Review
Pointerfarcat | 05/03/14 (v1.5)
First class plugin. A bit pricey for a simple function but essential plugin for most content orientated app.
More Information
This plugin adds a responsive search screen to your app. Search queries will analyze the Navigation Bar titles
for each of your screens, as well as the content for certain document types. These include HTML, Doc, XLS, and PPT files.
This even includes documents saved into the cache from online documents.

Note: For Android, only HTML documents will be searchable as content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this screen scans in ALL of your HTML (and for iOS, Microsoft) documents, if you have a large number of them in your app (and especially loaded via URLs), this screen might take a while to load. On slower/older devices, this lag may be even more exaggerated, so you should require the highest operating system allowed by your requirements.

Original Plugin Developer: Chris Ruddell

Version History
1.0 - initial build
1.1 - control panel bug fix
1.2 - bug fix on Android where screen would not allow hardware back button to work
1.3 - Added option to turn content indexing on or off
1.4 - Bug fix on Android 2.2 projects where project name was incorrect, causing a red error in Eclipse
1.5 - Fixed bug in iOS where screen would loop endlessly if a local file was set in config but not actually in XCode.
4.0 - Updated for Buzztouch 4.0; Improved speed of searching

iOS Project

Android Project


{"itemId":"99999", "itemType":"Cr_search", "itemNickname":"Search Menu",
"navBarTitleText":"Story Search", "searchHint":"find..."}