tM InvisibleTwitter

buzztouch plugin: tM InvisibleTwitter
Version: v1.2
This screen will display a Twitter Sheet to the user. When the user chooses to Tweet, a sheet gracefully appears on top of the screen. This plugin requires a deployment target of 6.0 in your app.
works on iOS iOS
Latest Review
Pointerbuzzpt | 02/06/14 (v1.2)
More Information
Thanks for downloading Invisible Twitter by theMonster! This plugin is meant to be
completely invisible as a screen, but still present this content screen.

iOS Project
This Plugin does require 1 Framework:
- Social
Add this framework by going to Build Phases -> Link Binary with Libraries.
Click the + button to add a framework, and choose the Social framework.
Make sure that you've added it before you compile your project.

Adding this framework also requires:
- iOS 6 (and above)
In Xcode, go to Summary -> Deployment target and set it to 6.0 or above.

Also, this screen works best when you use the Fade Transition, when you
use the fade transition you will not be able to even notice the screen.

Android Project
This plugin does not work on Android.

{"itemId":"abcde123", "itemType":"Tm_invisibletwitter", "itemNickname":"Twitter",
"initialText":"This is a Sheet with a Image!", "images":"mycoolimage.png", "URLs":""}