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buzztouch plugin: URL and Error
Version: v1.2
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Loads a URL into a full web-view. Useful for displaying online content. Content is NOT available offline, when device it's not connected, you can set your custom page error.html located under asset/www/, you're free to customize the page to reflect d
works on Android Android
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Pointerbuzzbt | 11/07/14 (v1.2)
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More Information
This plugin displays web content provided by a URL.
Web pages load in a full built in browser and refresh each time intentionally.
When content is not available if the device is offline, plugin intercept the error
and show to users an error custom page instead classic.

This plugin is an alternative to excellent customUrl plugin.

You can use this plugin when:

- you don't want that users known the original URL
- you want offer to users a custom error page instead classic error page
when device is offline.

iOS Project
Only for Android.

Android Project

AP_urlAndError.java is the Activity class that displays an Android WebView.
The layout is handled by ap_urlanderror.xml for the activity.

Create www folder under asset in Eclipse and error.html in www folder.
You can also Download Self Hosted Version in your Manage Plugin Screen and exctract www folder from file to take the example.
The www folder contains custom error page and images, feel free to customize to reflect your app design.
When you import your project in Eclipse copy entire folder under asset.

Version History

v1.0 - initial release
v1.1 - fix translation :)
v1.2 - fix java class


Most folks use the control panel to configure the JSON data for this plugin but it's useful to
see what it may look like. This is the simplest example.


A more complex example with some advanced properties included.

     "navBarTitleText":"My Own Page",