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buzztouch plugin: Flashlight Feature
Version: v1.3
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This plugin adds a flashlight screen to your app by using the LED light on you're iphone! The on and off images are customizable.
works on iOS iOS
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Pointeraquila198 | 03/30/14 (v1.3)
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One of my favorite plug-ins. This is so slick; it combines the functionality of the hardware with a fantastic interface. Easy to add to an app (and potentially assist in the approval process). Way to go MR D!
More Information
This plugin allows you to turn your app into a flashlight by using the LED light
on you're iPhone!

You can change the button images by changing the dv_on.png and dv_off.png images in the
plugin folder, in your Xcode project.

Check out buzztouchmods.com for other goodies and plugins - thank you!

iOS Project
Dv_flashlight_feature.m is required.
Dv_flashlight_feature.h is required.

dv_off.png and dv_on.png are also both required for the buttons.
You can change these files with your own custom files.

It is necessary to add the AVFoundation Framework for the flashlight.
In your Xcode project, select your target, go to Build Phases,
Link Binary with Libraries, click on the plus sign, and
choose the AFFoundation Framework.

Android Project
This plugin is only available for iOS