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buzztouch plugin: Facebook Pages Feed
Version: v1.0
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Displays a native feed for a Facebook Page using the page ID.
works on iOS iOS
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Pointerrburns50 | 11/02/14 (v1.0)
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Nice control panel options, easy to introduce and looks good in app.
More Information
This plugin displays a native feed for a specified Facebook "Page". It must be a valid public page in order to work.
Simply add your page's ID number (instructions are in the control panel for how to get the ID number) and the plugin will
do the rest. Images in the posts will be displayed and are hotlinked to the post on www.facebook.com. Also, any links
will open a Custom URL plugin to show the link in a full-screen page.

Version History
1.0 - initial build
1.1 - added support for rounding profile image on each post

iOS Project

Android Project
iOS only for now.

{"itemId":"54DBF644BC64B161205D2E8","itemType":"CR_facebook_feed", "facebookID":"1179925015XXXXX","navBarTitleText":"Facebook Feed","itemNickname":"facebookFeed"}