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buzztouch plugin: Notepad Feature
Version: v1.2
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Provide the ability to take notes in your app! They'll always be there, even if the user exits the app. No network connection required.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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PointerOutbreak | 03/15/13 (v1.1)
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Great plugin! Just need the fix on Android for the double tap edit to bring up keyboard. Nice job.
More Information
The Notepad Feature plugin allows you to create a screen where users can enter, modify and delete notes!
Those notes will remain even if the user leaves the screen or the app. They'll even be there if
the user reboots their device! Notes are stored on the device itself, in local storage, and
require no network connection to access. The notes can be created, modified, and deleted anytime
the user wishes. Tie this screen into other screens of your app, and you have a great way for a
user to enter notes/reminders/thoughts in a way not previously available!

In addition to the ability to create and store notes in your app, you can configure the screen
with any sort of background that you would like! We have included a number of sample backgrounds
that can be used, but you are free to provide your own. Refrain from using images that look like
lined paper, as it will be almost impossible to get the text lined up correctly on it, given the
wide range of device screen sizes. Stick with simple, but nice, paper-like backgrounds. Remember
that the text is black, and it should stand out against the background image.

We hope this plugin provides your app with that extra amount of functionality that helps it stand
out amoung the crowd!

iOS Project
The files necessary for iOS are:
* Notepad_feature.h
* Notepad_feature.m

Android Project
The files necessary for Android are:
* screen_notepad_feature.xml

Show an example of how the JSON data should be configured when using this plugin.

{"itemId":"1234", "itemType":"Notepad_feature", "itemNickname":"Add Notes",
          "navBarTitleText":"Notes", "backgroundImageNameSmallDevice":"papernotes1.png",