AK Countdown

buzztouch plugin: AK Countdown
Version: v1.3
This plugin gives your app a countdown timer. You can use this plugin to countdown to your events. The plugin has a timed bound button and an option for users to set reminders.
works on iOS iOS
Latest Review
PointerATRAIN53 | 02/22/13 (v1.1)
Another great tool with tons of marketing possibilities and lots of other fun, creative uses. Big sale coming up? Important date? Event? Almost everything is COUNTDOWNable in life! This plug-in can be used to draw people back into your app o...
More Information
This plugin gives your app a Countdown timer. Used to countdown to your events.
Has the added options to add remind me functions with local notifications, user
can opt in to be reminded a day, an hour or when the countdown has reached zero.
Another added function is a button that can only be accessed when the countdown
reaches zero, ideal for having information you do not want to share until a specific
date. (The remind me function can only be used on one screen, due to Apple protocol of
only having a set number of local notifications.)

iOS Project

Android Project
IOS Only

"AKcountDate":"01-21-2013 16:14",
"AKnotificationText1":"Yipee its open",
"AKnotificationText2":"60 minutes to go",
"AKnotificationText3":"24 hours till happiness"}