Flickr Images

buzztouch plugin: Flickr Images
Version: v1.3
Displays images from a Flickr stream. Currently available for iOS 2.0, 3.0 and Android 2.0. Android 3.0 support coming soon.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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Displays images from a Flickr stream. Required properties include:

flickerApiKey (see
flickrType (“Photoset”, “Gallery”, or “Search”)
searchString (can be id of a Photoset or Gallery, or a string to search by)

Version History
1.0 - first release.
1.1 - added support for Flickr Groups
1.2 - control panel update
1.3 - bug fixes on Android

iOS Project
Cr_flickr_cell.h Cr_flickr_cell.m Cr_flickr_image.h Cr_flickr_image.m Cr_flickr.h Cr_flickr.m

Android Project
------------------------ screen_cr_flickr.xml

{“itemId”:”123abc”, “itemNickname”:”Flickr”, “itemType”:”Cr_flickr”, “flickerApiKey”:”YOURAPIKEY”, “flickrType”:”Photoset”, “searchString”:”62146525366794852”}