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buzztouch plugin: In App Billing
Version: v1.6
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Unlock additional content with In App Purchase/Billing. Acts as a pay to unlock screen. Works with both Apple and Google Billing services
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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PointerJaneen | 08/21/14 (v1.1)
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This high-quality IAB plugin for iOS has no implementation errors or challenges. Just follow Nick's videos and you'll be good to go. I'm a total rookie at building BT apps, so if I can configure this plugin, anyone can. I recommend you buy this pl...
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In App Billing ver 1.5
Works with both Apple and Google billing services.
This is a pay to unlock content screen. Hide content from you users behind a paywall. Once payment is made the transaction is stored on the device so that the paid content is available even when the device is not online.

Uses Apples In App Purchase service. Apple takes a 30% cut from any purchases.
Uses Robot Media's RMStore in app purchase source code which is released under the Apache 2.0 license.
Testing of in app purchases requires an actual device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and will not work in the simulator.
A separate test account is required to be set up in your iTunes Connect dashboard.

Uses Google's In App Billing service. Google takes a 30% cut from any purchases.

Uses Google's "Trivial Drive" sample code which is released under Apache 2.0 license.

There are a few key considerations that need to be made when testing this pluginon Android.
1. You cannot test the billing process in an emulator. Only a real device will work. Testing a purchase with an emulator will most likely crash the app.
2. You cannot use a debug key to sign your app. Only your release key will work. This means you have to generate a signed APK.
3. You cannot use your own developer account to make an in app purchase. This means you will need to create a second google account or use a friends account to test the purchase process.

Difficulty level
Android: High
iOS: Moderate
See youtube videos for an idea of how hard it is to implement.

Click the web link button on the right for the Help Docs
or the Youtube link for a Help Video.

Android Project
Included files:

Additional required files:
Google Play Services Library

iOS Project

1.0 Initial Android release
1.1 Initial iOS release
1.2 UI fixes for iOS 8
1.3 Fixes appdelegate error
1.4 Fixes Autolayout issues.
1.5 Updates instructions for Android Studio
1.6 Updates RMStore and bug fixes for iOS 9.

"itemId": "someID",
"itemType": "NAD_inAppBillingAndroid",
"itemNickname": "in app billing",
"navBarTitleText": "in app billing",
"titleTextPrior": "In App Purchase",
"titleTextSizePrior": "15",
"titleTextColorPrior": "#0000CC",
"titleBackgroundColorPrior": "#FFFFFF",
"imageNamePrior": "genuine.jpg",
"textBoxPrior": "Unlock more quizes",
"textBoxTextSizePrior": "15",
"textBoxTextSizeLargePrior": "20",
"textBoxTextColorPrior": "#000000",
"textBoxBackgroundColorPrior": "#FFFFFF",
"purchaseButtonTextPrior": "$1.00",
"purchaseButtonTextSizePrior": "15",
"purchaseButtonTextColorPrior": "#00CC33",
"purchaseButtonBackgroundColorPrior": "#330000",
"titleTextAfter": "Thank you for your purchase",
"titleTextSizeAfter": "20",
"titleTextColorAfter": "#000000",
"titleBackgroundColorAfter": "#FFFFFF",
"textBoxAfter": "Thank you for your purchase",
"textBoxTextSizeAfter": "15",
"textBoxTextSizeLargeAfter": "20",
"textBoxTextColorAfter": "#000000",
"textBoxBackgroundColorAfter": "#FFFFFF",
"continueButtonTextAfter": "Continue to your quizes",
"continueButtonTextSizeAfter": "20",
"continueButtonTextColorAfter": "#000000",
"continueButtonBackgroundColorAfter": "#FFFFFF",
"iab_sku": "unlock_quiz",
"unLockScreenNickname": "someMenu",
"unLockScreenItemId": "BF1A",
"loginRequired": "0",
"backgroundColor": "#666666",
"audioFileName": "filename.mp3",
"audioFileURL": "audioURL",
"audioNumberOfLoops": "1",
"audioStopsOnScreenExit": "1",
"backgroundImageNameSmallDevice": "background_image.jpg",
"backgroundImageURLSmallDevice": "imageURL",
"backgroundImageNameLargeDevice": "background_image_big.jpg",
"backgroundImageURLLargeDevice": "imageURL",
"backgroundImageScale": "center",
"hideFromSearch": "0",
"hideTabBarWhenScreenLoads": "1"