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buzztouch plugin: Event Countdown
Version: v1.0
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Event countdown is used to countdown the days to a user defined event, in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until that particular day. The date is set by the end user instead of the developer. Highly customizable via XIB files.
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Pointerrburns50 | 02/28/15 (v1.0)
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Nice plugin, no problems with iOS 8.x - would be 5 stars if notifications were enabled once the countdown completed :)
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Event countdown is used to countdown the days to a user defined event. When the screen is first launched, it will prompt the user to select the date of the event that they want to count down to, using a simple 3 wheel picker. Once the user saves the date, or if the app is launched and the user has previously saved a date, they will be take to the countdown screen. This screen shows the user the time until the date by showing them the amount of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until that day. If the user decides to change the date of the event, for instance if a vacation was rescheduled, they simply double tap the countdown screen to go back into the date selection screen. This plugin allows the date to be entered by the end user of the app, instead of entered by the developer, making it reusable by the user for any date they wish, or to change it at will, instead of being forced to only countdown to one particular day.

Event Countdown is driven by easy to edit XIB files, so you can easily change the background colors, graphics, buttons, text, and pretty much anything else without having to alter the code. By default there is also a metallic frame around the date picker control, which makes it look like older iOS versions, even if on iOS7, which is a simple PNG file, so you can change the border to look like anything you want… wood, metal, glass, chrome, tie-dye rainbows… the choice is yours! This border works for all iPhone iOS versions, including iOS7, where apple decided to ditch the border look on the picker controls.

Event Countdown is a fantastic way to display the amount of time to a specific date in easily human readable format (i.e. 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, 12 minutes and 42 seconds), instead of a typical 00:00:00:00 countdown format.

This plugin is perfect to figure out the days remaining until a vacation, wedding, super bowl, graduation, birthday, christmas, or any other major day that you want your user to keep track of. Unlike other solutions, the day is decided by the user at run time, not hard coded by the programmer, so it’s extremely flexible. Only containing a couple of easily editable files, and no additional classes or SDK’s required, this makes Event Countdown super simple to add to your project and edit to your tastes to match the rest of your app.

See screenshots for more info on how easy this plugin is to use, and how stunning it looks in your app.

iOS Project
AN_framepicker.png (used to easily edit the look of the date picker wheels)
Assorted PNG files used for text displays. Can be edited, or removed as needed on the XIB

Android Project
iOS (iPhone) Only