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buzztouch plugin: YouTube Playlist
Version: v2.0
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The YouTube Playlist Plugin allows users to add a youtube playlist or youtube channel to their app.
works on iOS iOS
Developer Info
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PointerBertrand | 06/10/15 (v1.8)
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Hi, I have a problems with this plugin, I've a playlist with 66 videos, but this plugin display 5 videos only and does not display the title and the description. I test with BT2 and BT3 and there is the same problem.
More Information
This DAS Video Playlist Plugin allows users to add a youtube playlist or youtube channel to their app.

This was created to help provide a professional layout look for youtube videos within your apps.

Example App using Youtube Playlist :

iOS Project
Das_music_channel.h Das_music_channel.m Das_music_channel.xib Das_music_channelCustomView.h Das_music_channelCustomView.m Das_music_channelCustomView.xib Das_PlayListItem.h Das_PlayListItem.m Das_video_imageview.h Das_video_imageview.m Das_video_playlist.h Das_video_playlist.m Das_video_playlist.xib Das_video_playlistCustomView.h Das_video_playlistCustomView.m Das_video_playlistCustomView.xib Das_videosync.h Das_videosync.m Das_VideoThums.h Das_VideoThums.m Das_YoutubeAPI.h Das_YoutubeAPI.m

Android Project
Not available for android

"itemType": "Das_video_playlist",
"itemNickname": "Main",
"navBarTitleText": "Main",
"dasyoutubetype": "channelId",
"DasVideoURL": "UCXqL0t35Ia8X61Emx5mDCeg",
"DasVideolistTitleFontColor": "#000000"

Version History
v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Updated for 3.0 core
v1.2 - Added Youtube RSS Support, Added option to choose the title colour
Video/s removed or no longer active on a youtube playlist will no longer crash the app.
v1.3 - Add Colour Panel for Title Colour, Add Default Colour to Json Data.
v1.4 - Fixes Videos showing Double Videos.
v1.5 - Added new screenshot subfolders for BTGO upgrade.
v1.6 - Fix thumbnails issue and adds iOS 8 Support
v1.7 - Update Youtube thumbnails changes
v1.8 - Adds Support for Youtube API V3
v1.9 - Update Default Youtube Playlist Videos from 5 to maximum of 50
v2.0 - Compatibility with BT 4.0 and iOS 10