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buzztouch plugin: App Copier
Version: v2.1
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For self-hosted users only. Transfer apps from to your self-hosted server, or make a copy of an existing app on your server!
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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PointerGoNorthWest | 02/01/15 (v2.1)
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Worked like a charm!
More Information
App Copier is not a plugin really, but more of a tool. It is for self-hosted users only and allows you to transfer your apps from (or another server) to your self-hosted server. You can also copy apps on your self-hosted server to make a duplicate copy. This can be useful for creating prototype or template apps, or for making an iOS and Android version of the same app.

To install, add this plugin to any app, open that screen on your control panel, and follow the directions. It will give you a file to download to your computer and upload to your self-hosted server. Once installed, the App Copier screen can be safely deleted from your app.

Note: Users that previously purchased this tool from do not need to purchase it again. You will continue to get automatic updates as normal.

Version History
1.0 - Initial release
2.0 - 7/12/14: Update to offer support for Custom HTML/Text plugin.
2.1 - 9/15/14: Update to support non-English languages.