Smugs PDF Viewer

buzztouch plugin: Smugs PDF Viewer
Version: v1.0
Allows 'in app' viewing of PDF files without a 'helper' application.
works on Android Android
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PointerCMCOFFEE | 07/19/14 (v1.0)
Another great Smug plug.Very easy to implement and a nice look too!Thanks!
More Information
// release v1.0 July 10th 2014

Code Origin:
Originally discovered as an Android PDF Viewer Library project on Github:

Welcome to the Smug PDF Viewer. This plugin allows a PDF file to be viewed from within
the plugin rather than using a 'helper' app to view the PDF document.

This plugin requires no additional files to operate seamlessly with your
PDF Documents. Multipage is not a problem. Landscape/Portrait not an issue.

At the moment, PDF files must be bundled with your app for it to operate correctly; "add"
your PDF files to BT_Docs in the correct BT approved methods.

It died trying to open a 30+ MB file, but it easily accommodates PDF files around
half that size (I tried a 16MB file with no issues). However, keep in mind the 'total'
file size of your combined PDF files may affect the memory management of your device.
Try and keep files as small as possible, for the overall good of your application.

**************** configuration requirement ********************

You *must* add this to your AndroidManifest.xml file:
<activity android:name="SW_pdfViewerActivity"></activity>
it is suggested you add this at the bottom of your AndroidManifest.xml file, just before
the closing </application> and </manifest> tags. There is a visual example here:

Copy and paste to reduce Syntax errors.

Update History:
v1.0 July 10, 2014 - Initial Release

iOS Project
There are no iOS files for this project

Android Project

"itemId": "SW_PDF_001",
"itemType": "SW_pdfViewer",
"itemNickname": "PDF viewer",
"navBarTitleText": "PDF viewer",
"localFileName": "sw_sample.pdf"