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buzztouch plugin: Snow View
Version: v1.1
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Add a wonderfully wintery animation to your plugin. Snow will fall from your navigation bar to give you that bit of extra sparkle at Christmas time.
works on iOS iOS
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Create and add a beautiful falling snow drop animation over your plugin.
Perfect for Christmas time add a bit of glamour.

Add a few lines of code to get a great effect.

Customisable via the control panel:
Number of snow flakes.
Speed of snow flakes falling.
Color of snow flakes.
You can also set when the snow is shown.
All the time.
Only in specific months ie just November and December
Or between specific dates 11/12/2014 and 01/11/2015

To add snow to all screens

First create a screen in the control panel, but DO NOT attach it to anything i.e. no menu link. It just sits off all on it’s own, it’s just an anchor point. JUST CREATE ONE.

Go to BT_viewController.m
add #import “AK_SnowView.h” with the other imports up top
at the bottom of the viewWillAppear method below [self configureBackground];
add [AK_SnowView showSnow];

To avoid adding multiple layers of snow add this method. At the bottom of BT_viewController.m before @end

[AK_SnowView hideSnow];

Now you have a snowy effect that is controlled from the control panel, and is displayed on every screen in your app.

If you would rather only have the snow show on one or two screen follow the instructions above but instead of BT_viewController.m add the code to the viewWillAppear methods of all of the plugins you wish to the effect to.

If you like playing around with code and want to add it to a button the methods are.
[AK_SnowView showSnow] linked to control panel
[AK_SnowView snow] this just shows default snow
[AK_SnowView hideSnow] removes the snow effect from the screen.

Imagine in the quiz screen.
The final question is answered.
The score is in and a nice purple ticker tape effect rains down on the screen to celebrate scoring 100% in a Kim Kardashian quiz.
Then disappears when returns to menu.

Have fun

1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Added snow toggle for buttons call [AK_SnowView toggleSnow];

iOS Project

Android Project

"itemId": "589E55C3B1F1ABD11D8D8F8",
"itemType": "AK_SnowView",
"itemNickname": "snow",
"snowOn": "1",
"months": "10",
"startDate": "09/27/2014",
"endDate": "10/10/2014",
"snowColor": "#FFFFFF",
"numberOfSnowFlakes": "400",
"fallSpeed": "70"