Animated Circle Menu

buzztouch plugin: Animated Circle Menu
Version: v4.0
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The Animated Circle Menu is a menu screen that displays buttons in a circle that explode out from the center.
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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Pointerrburns50 | 05/17/14 (v3.3)
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Excellent menu plugin and great support from Chris too. Would love to see more menu plugins from Chris - maybe a sliding screen type? Recommend this no problem at all.
More Information
The animated circle menu begins with a single (round) button in the center of the screen. Simplistic in design,
it offers animation effects to wow your users.

Pressing on the center button will cause buttons representing your menu items to explode outward in a
circle around the center. Pressing down on any of these buttons will reveal a label describing the button, and clicking on the button will explode the buttons farther out while fading to zero, before loading your next screen. The result is pure beauty!

This plugin is based on the open-sourced iOS project "KYCircleMenu" at:

However, it has been customized and improved upon for a full Buzztouch experience. The original open-source
project supports up to 6 menu items, and displays them in predefined configurations based on the number
of buttons. This plugin reduces the code significantly from the original, and in so doing, supports
any number of buttons and distributes them evenly across the menu circle. It also adds the label and
fading effects, absent from the open-source project.

New, as of 4/5/14 - this plugin supports Android. It is inspired by the KYCircleMenu project, which was iOS only, but has been build from the ground-up by Chris Ruddell.

Version History
4.0 - (1/2/16) - Updated for Buzztouch iOS Core 4.0
3.3 - (4/11/14) - Fixed Android crashing problem when no button image was defined. Now randomly chooses a stock image.
3.2 - (4/5/14) - added Android support!
3.1 - bug fix where child item properties could not be saved.
3.0 - updated for Buzztouch 3.0 projects
1.0 - initial release

iOS Project
There are two class files needed for this plugin, which are included in the download. These are:

Also, sample button images are included, with names of "button1.png" ... "cr_button10.png". These are
for each of the buttons representing menu items.

Finally, the center button images from the original open-source project are included. These are:

Android Project (3.0 projects only)

{"itemId":"2220", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"3333", "titleText":"Button 1", "smallImageName":"cr_button1.png", "transitionType":"fade"},
{"itemId":"2221", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"3334", "titleText":"Button 2", "smallImageName":"cr_button2.png", "transitionType":"fade"},
{"itemId":"2222", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"3335", "titleText":"Button 3", "smallImageName":"cr_button3.png", "transitionType":"fade"},
{"itemId":"2223", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"3336", "titleText":"Button 4", "smallImageName":"cr_button4.png", "transitionType":"fade"},
{"itemId":"2224", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "loadScreenWithItemId":"3337", "titleText":"Button 5", "smallImageName":"cr_button5.png", "transitionType":"fade"}