One Head Four Butts

buzztouch plugin: One Head Four Butts
Version: v1.0
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A highly configurable menu that allows you to display a header image and up to 4 buttons, which are pre-configured to fit perfectly with either landscape or portrait rotation.
works on iOS iOS
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This README.txt file is used to describe what the plugin does, how it should be used, and how to
configure it for use in an application created using Buzztouch. The best plugins include
specific details in the README.txt file so the app owners can understand the logic behind the plugin.

iOS Project
This plugin comes with 4 files to be included in your Xcode project:

I've also included sample header and button images so you can use in your project as placeholders until you create your own.

Android Project
Not Available for Android

"itemType": "QP_oneHeadFourButts",
"itemNickname": "Some Awesome Menu",
"navBarTitleText": "Some Awesome Menu",
"headerImageSmallDevice": "header.png",
"headerImageLargeDevicePortrait": "header_ipad.png",
"headerImageLargeDeviceLandscape": "header_ipad_landscape.png",
"button1ScreenNickname": "Screen 1",
"button1ScreenId": "BB6BDF11EE407571FCDD69D",
"button1ImageSmallDevice": "button1.png",
"button1TransitionType": "fade",
"button1ImageLargeDevice": "button1_ipad.png",
"showButton1": "1",
"animateButton1": "rotate",
"button2ScreenNickname": "Screen 2",
"button2ScreenId": "409C6AA098C2FB408D61146",
"button2ImageSmallDevice": "button2.png",
"button2TransitionType": "curl",
"button2ImageLargeDevice": "button2_ipad.png",
"showButton2": "1",
"button3ScreenNickname": "Screen 3",
"button3ScreenId": "6A2DD157C3F650F00A63FB1",
"button3ImageSmallDevice": "button3.png",
"button3TransitionType": "grow",
"button3ImageLargeDevice": "button3_ipad.png",
"showButton3": "1",
"button4ScreenNickname": "Screen 4",
"button4ScreenId": "9203E9799D255AC7230B0DC",
"button4ImageSmallDevice": "button4.png",
"button4TransitionType": "flip",
"button4ImageLargeDevice": "button4_ipad.png",
"showButton4": "1",
"showButton5": "0",
"showButton6": "0",
"showButton7": "0",
"showButton8": "0",
"backgroundColor": "#3e5b33"