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buzztouch plugin: Slot Machines
Version: v3.0
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Slot Machines includes multiple machines selectable from your CP, daily free coins and allows players to use In App Purchases to buy more coins in order to build consumable residual income.
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Pointer0z2000tv | 02/04/15 (v3.0)
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Works as advertised. Submitted to App Store. It was rejected but it was my mistake in elements in other plugins. Perfect would be if I was smart enough to add admob to it. It was fun and easy to reskin.
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This was basically a complete re-write. In app purchases now easily addable from control panel, multiple machines, bonus multipliers, trophy bonus, multiple machine themes, free coins every day and more! Scroll down to the version history for full details.

Slot Machines is an awesome way to play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. The classic theme of bars, cherries and sevens mixes elegantly with the modern look of the machine itself.

Our mission was to create the most realistic slot experience possible, without getting out of your chair. Just like the real thing, features include selectable bet (1 coin, 2 coins, or 3 coins), realistic payouts based on actual casino reel patterns and pay tables, insert cash when you run low, stats that show your current credits, bet amount and last payout in the appropriate LCD areas, and all of the realistic sounds that you would hear from a real Las Vegas slot. It will also save the players credits on the machine if the game is exited out, and restore them the next time the player comes back to play.

Want to change it up a bit? No problem! You can select multiple machine themes right from your control panel, or simply drop in your own graphics, either way!

This slot machine was build from the ground up by myself, and is not something you’ll find on Github or other open source locations. I have completely documented the entire code as I wrote it as well (almost to an extreme), so finding something you are looking to modify will be a piece of cake.

This plugin also has all of the iPad files included as well.

The most appealing part of the Slot Machines Plugin is that it is ready to go for your players to use in app purchases to buy more coins when they run out. You can setup as many coin packs as you like, but the preconfigured ones are setup for 100 coins for $1, 500 coins for $5, 2500 coins for $25, or 10,000 coins for $100… so basically a penny per credit. Change these if you like, or add more denominations, the choice is yours.

To enable In App Purchases for the game, simply setup your purchases in iTunesConnect, then paste in your product identifiers into your control panel. It couldn’t be easier!

We have also added a built in bonus game with multipliers to each machine. Let your players collect sets of trophies to advance the multiplier to double or triple their winnings!

No additional libraries or anything is needed. All required files are already part of buzztouch :)

DEMO VIDEO (sound recording was turned off, so you’ll only hear the background track, you won’t hear the slot machine sounds in the video, but rest assured they are there in the actual plugin)

Version History:
Version 3.0 - Our most massive upgrade yet! New features include:
     - Control panel integration
     - Choice of multiple slot machine themes, selectable from the control panel
     - Daily free coins. Amount can be set in the CP, or none can be selected as well
     - Bonus trophy hunt game added to all 3 machines (new trophy symbol added as well)
     - Bonus multiplier lets players double or triple their winnings
     - Bonus Game added
     - Scrolling LCD players club screen added
     - Welcome message on LCD screen editable from control panel
     - In app purchases now a copy and paste away in the control panel, no code modification needed to setup the in app purchases anymore.
     - Help screen added, where it tells the player how to play the game, the bonus games, and how the multipliers work.
     - Added button to take the player to the app store to view your other apps. Simply paste your app store URL into the control panel, easy peasy :)
     - Based on your slot machine theme selection in the control panel, it will change your game title, main slot machine thumbnail, pay table, top glass, and reel symbols, all with a single drop down theme selection.
     - Tested on all versions of iOS from 6.0 through 8.0 Beta 2, as well as all versions of Xcode from 5.0 to 6.0 Beta

Version 2.0 - Added in app purchases, allowing your players to purchase coin packs when they run out of credits, providing you with consumable residual income from your app. We also added another symbol to the reel strip patterns, which “tightens” the machine a bit, since previous versions had players winning more than losing.

Version 1.2 - Added feature that saves the players credits when they exit out of the game, and loads them back onto the machine when they play again.

Version 1.1 - Fixed a minor issue on the iPhone XIB layout

Version 1.0 - Initial Public Release

iOS Project

Android Project
iOS Only, Supports both iPhone and iPad devices of all size and resolution.