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buzztouch plugin: Local Notifications
Version: v1.0
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Bring back lost app users with local notifications. Notification fires X number of days after the user last used the app.
works on iOS iOS
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Local notifications are set up to send the user a notification X days after the app has last been used. The purpose is to draw users attention back to the app. Thus increasing user retention.

Up to 10 notifications can be scheduled. Each notification can have up to 5 messages. One of which is randomly selected to display to the app user. These randomized messages serve to keep the user from getting the same message over and over again.

Local notifications are triggered on the device and do not require a remote server to run.
This plugin uses the ACPReminder library written by Antonio Casero. ACPReminder is licensed under the MIT license.


Moderate - A few lines of code to add to the appDelegate file.

iOS Project

Android Project
This plugin does not support Android.

"itemId": "SomeItemId",
"itemType": "NAD_LocalNotifications",
"itemNickname": "Local Notification",
"navBarTitleText": "Local Notification",
"message11": "Message 1a",
"message12": "Message 1b",
"message13": "Message 1c",
"message14": "Message 1d",
"message15": "Message 1e",
"interval1": "5",
"message21": "Message 2a",
"message22": "Message 2b",
"message23": "message 2c",
"message24": "Message 2d",
"message25": "Message 2e",
"interval2": "15",
"message31": "Message 3a",
"message32": "Message 3b",
"message33": "Message 3c",
"message34": "Message 3d",
"message35": "Message 3e",
"interval3": "25",
"message41": "Message 4a",
"message42": "Message 4b",
"message43": "Message 4c",
"message44": "Message 4d",
"message45": "Message 4e",
"interval4": "35"