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buzztouch plugin: Parse Push Channel Subscriber
Version: v1.1
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Subscribes user to various channels
works on iOS iOS
works on Android Android
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PointerNCbuzz | 01/31/14 (v1.1)
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Wish there was a 6 star option. The ability to integrate Parse notifications with a simple user interface for users to select which channels they want to subscribe to is fantastic. - Great job Feraco! This plugin was the main reason I switched fro...
More Information
This plug in is used for users to subscribe to push notification channels. The simplest way to start sending notifications is using channels. This allows you to use a publisher-subscriber model for sending pushes. Devices start by subscribing to one or more channels, and notifications can later be sent to these subscribers.

Heres a video showing you how it works -

You can create a screen for subscribing or unsubscribing to each channel you create. Make sure that your channels do not have spaces.

You must install parse correctly for this to function properly. Here are how to documents for iOS and android. Please contact me at the email provided if you are having trouble. There are several steps to installing parse. After you install correctly push will not work until you have generated and set up your push certificates. heres a tutorial showing you how.

how to doc iOS-

how to doc android-

For push notifications to work properly you must also make sure you set up push through the apple developers account and this first part of this tutorial shows you how.

appdelegate.m iOS 2.0 sample-

appdelegate.m iOS 3.0 sample-

DO NOT create channels that have a space or a strange character. This will crash the app.

Version History
1.0 - initial build
1.1 - Updated for 3.0 projects

iOS Project

Android Project

{"itemId":"D16FE6F3FC65E7403FC548F", "itemType":"Cr_parseChannels", "itemNickname":"Parse Channels", "navBarTitleText":"Parse Channels", "mainTitle":"Subscribe to Channels:",
{"itemId":"5634CE14B7677F899FD5ADE", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "channelName":"Football"},
{"itemId":"7C3A1B07AD8E16904A2A08F", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "channelName":"Soccer"},
{"itemId":"28A6AE129E2E1B4130E7BE4", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "channelName":"Basketball"},
{"itemId":"8ED9F70A4C55A3351F853DD", "itemType":"BT_menuItem", "channelName":"Running"}